Visit Greenland’s new simplified segmentation model

Published on January 20, 2022

Visit Greenland’s market segment map was first devised in 2012. The model classifies tourists according to two criteria: their interest focus and their engagement level (or level of immersion). Read more about the original model here.

In the years since we first created the model, we have learned that tourism operators would benefit from a simpler model. A simpler version could be applied more quickly and easily to customers and products, and help to increase sales. We have learned that there are many tourists who do not identify with a division between:

Culture       –       Nature      –       Culture & Nature      –       Personal Challenge

so we decided to simplify the model along the engagement level spectrum. The new model simplifies the original one from 11 segments into 3 segments. These are: 

  • Ultimate Adventurer
  • Immersive Adventurer
  • Soft Adventurer

All of the original 11 segments (now called personas) fit into the new, simplified model, thus:

Visit Greenland, simplified segmentation model