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Here you will find all available statistics on tourism in Greenland and qualitative descriptions of our tourists. Together these pages will give you an easy-to-use and great overview of the existing data on tourism in Greenland. This site is a result of cooperation between Statistics Greenland and Visit Greenland. Enjoy!

We have made 4 video guides for you which show how to use our tourism statistics data and reports. Look here

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The distribution of market segments throughout all of Greenland is displayed by default. To explore the distribution of market segments in a particular tourism region, highlight the region on the Greenland map. To learn about the individual market segments, click a segment name in the table.

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NB: Full case studies will also be available here within the month of May
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Here you will find quarterly analyses about the state of the tourism industry in Greenland as a whole, regional analyses, social media analyses and other tourism related analyses.


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